Alliterative Expressions: اصطلاحات واج آرایی

1. Wish wash: دودل
He is such a wish washy person that cannot make a decision.

2. Mish mash: درهم بر هم

My room is kind a mish mash room that you can find everything you want.

3. Chit chat:گپ

What did you talk about? “Oh just chit chat.

4. Ship shape: جمع و جور

Let’s get this house ship shape.

5. Zig zag: زیگ زاگ

The children ran in zig zag around the park.

6. Shilly shally: شل و ول

Stop shilly shallying and make decision now.

7. Dilly dally: این پا اون پا کردن

Don’t dilly dally just gets your things and let’s go.

8. Tick tock: تیک تاک

I can hear the tick tock, but I can’t find my watch.

9. Clip clop: تق و توق

He makes such a clip clop that we couldn’t sleep a moment

10. Teeny weeny : کوچول مچول

Look at her, such a teeny weeny little girl.

11. Ding dong: دینگ دانگ

A bell striking ding dong.

12. Silly billy: گیج و ویج

Oh, I’m a silly billy. I’ve bought salt and I meant to buy sugar.